CDI is an international organization of professionals and color enthusiasts dedicated to a high standard of excellence in the field of personal color and design analysis.


Vision and Goals

  • To uphold professional color consultants in the practice of their profession.
  • To cooperate in the attainment of high standards within the profession.
  • To support, encourage, and promote the interests of the organization and its members.
  • To encourage continuing education in the fields relating to the professional color consultant.
  • To offer seminars, workshops, and continuing education programs.
  • To inform the public of the value of individualized color analysis as an integral part of appearance design.
  • To sponsor training in the color and design profession.

The Source for COLOR and STYLE

Benefits of CDI Membership

  • You can be listed on the CDI website — a great way for clients to find you and to show your commitment to professionalism.
  • You receive a discounted rate for CDI conferences — excellent educational opportunities and the chance to mingle with new and seasoned CDI members. (We’re very nice!)
  • You can join our Facebook group, CDI Connect. It’s a place to communicate with fellow color designers, ask questions, and share successes.
  • You receive our exclusive members-only newsletter, CDI Spectrums, featuring articles by CDI members and other experts who will expand your knowledge of color analysis.


Color Designers International was formed in 1984 by the merging of two groups, the International Society of Color Consultants (ISCC) and the Association of International Color Consultants (AICC). Both were dedicated to high standards in the color analysis field. The charter members of CDI studied with and use the methods created by Suzanne Caygill, who founded the field of personalized color analysis in 1942.


Education and training is encouraged as a requisite for advancement to the designation of Color Designer.