About Suzanne Caygill

Suzanne Caygill, Founder of Color Analysis

Suzanne Caygill originated the whole concept of color analysis for the individual, beginning in 1942. After working for years with color and style as a milliner and designer, she experienced a revelation about the relationship between a person’s natural coloration (as seen in the pigments in their skin, hair and eyes) and the color harmonies of nature. In addition to color, she also developed her theories on personality and style for each season. While a person’s color palette is unique to them, Suzanne found certain recurring patterns of personality and style, as revealed by the colors. For example, the colors that emerge for “Spring” personalities are clear, while those for Summer are muted. Suzanne said that she worked with 64 different personality types, and she used names to help a person relate to nature: “Early Spring,” “Golden Spring,” “Waterlily Spring,” “Apple Blossom Spring,” “Vital Spring” and many others. While two Vital Springs would have similarity in style, energy, and personality characteristics — their colors could be very different, depending on their individual pigmentation.

By Rochele HC Hirsch

Suzanne Caygill